Painful JointsFor some people, a New Year’s resolution is an excuse to explore a few healthy lifestyle changes. Most often, we resolve to cut back on or eliminate indulgences like alcohol, sugar, carbs or processed foods. Another approach might be to increase healthy lifestyle choices like exercising, cooking at home vs. eating out or walking more and driving less. There are many things we can give up and add to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, but if you’re living with chronic pain, it can be difficult to get motivated.

Chronic pain from ligament, joint and tendon injuries or osteoarthritis can dramatically affect your quality of life. When day-to-day tasks feel impossible and you’re not able to enjoy the activities you love, it’s hard to focus on healthy lifestyle choices. Constant neck, back, arm and shoulder pain can make it difficult to drive or work on a computer and when it comes to your favorite healthy activities like running, biking, hiking, skiing or yoga, constant hip, knee and foot pain can set you on a downward physical and emotional spiral.

Whether you’re a New Year’s resolver or not, make 2015 a year of healing and recovery. If you feel like you’ve tried everything, and nothing has helped your chronic pain, it’s time to explore Prolotherapy or Regenerative Medicine.

Prolotherapy is a non-surgical treatment that stimulates the healing of damaged or deteriorated connective tissue with a precise injection of your body’s natural plasma that contain super blood cells called platelets. Platelets are tiny little particles that play a big role in healing ligaments and tendons. Without platelets, tissue restoration cannot take place.

When we inject platelet-rich plasma into your ailing joints and ligaments, it stimulates your body’s natural healing process, resulting in stronger connective tissue. Prolotherapy injections create a controlled inflammation that stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to create new strengthened soft tissue. This process triggers the same healing cycle that takes place when tissue is first injured or damaged and it creates a second chance to heal.

If you live in Central Oregon, the Center for Integrative Medicine, offers the most advanced Prolotherapy treatments available today. As a board certified Naturopathic Physician, I can help you explore the best regenerative medicine options to eliminate chronic pain. With offices in both Bend and Redmond, the Center for Integrative Medicine is one of the only Central Oregon medical practices to provide a unique and comprehensive combination of integrative modern, conventional medicine and proven therapeutic holistic care.

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, please call the Center for Integrative Medicine for a personal consultation with me.

Prolotherapy may be an appropriate alternative to surgery for your injury or chronic pain, or it may be a complementary treatment to other medical solutions. Our team of board certified doctors is here to help you find the best conventional and/or holistic treatment options for your unique health needs.

We look forward to helping you enjoy a pain-free lifestyle.

More about the Center for Integrative Medicine
The Center for Integrative Medicine offers a team of interdisciplinary board certified physicians and therapeutic care practitioners who work closely together to provide patients with exceptional and comprehensive healthcare services. Our progressive form of medical care, called Integrative Medicine, represents the future of healthcare. By integrating Conventional, Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine with Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy, the strengths of each discipline are utilized to develop a better understanding of an individual’s state of health. This allows us to deliver the most effective and personalized treatment for each patient.