Men’s Health

Dr. Payson Flattery

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Men’s Health Doctor

By Dr. Payson Flattery

As a male in my 50’s, I am personally committed to maximizing my health, both mentally and physically, for longevity and best quality of my life. This involves slowing down the aging process as much as possible. Slowing aging while maximizing performance can be accomplished on many levels. Diet and exercise are the core foundation, but hormone and nutritional optimization can also be implemented to bring energy, improved cognitive function, and passion back to our lives.

The next tier of health optimization and anti-aging is through exosome and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to induce stem cell proliferation and mobilization. Our team at Center for Integrative Medicine offers the same anti-aging programs offered in Dubai and other well known anti-aging clinics throughout the world, but at a fraction of the cost.

I’ve been specializing in regenerative medicine for about 20 years, focused on orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries. My personal goal with these therapies is to help adults continue to enjoy the outdoors at the highest levels they choose. Therapies that regenerate and heal both acute and long-time chronic injuries can keep you playing at your best with less pain.

Many patients have been told there is nothing more that can be done for a chronic complaint and in most cases that is not true. If you have a nagging injury, consider regenerative medicine to actually regenerate unhealthy tissue by harnessing the body’s own innate ability to heal. Exosomes, Adult Autologous Stem Cells, Prolotherapy, and PRP are therapies that now have research supporting their use.

Through a combination of genetics, hormone and nutritional testing, as well as biometric analysis, I can develop a plan for you that is on the progressive edge of male health optimization and anti-aging medicine.

So, whether you are someone trying to optimize your health through nutrition and hormone balancing, or looking to invest in a comprehensive regenerative approach to slowing down the aging process, I can help you with a personalized approach to meet your goals.

I provide a thorough examination, understanding your medical history, nutritional profile, lifestyle assessment and goal-based discussions of treatments. Then we work together to ensure you achieve success.