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Keith Bell, PA

Keith Bell is a Board Certified PA, a certified massage therapist and a healer with an emphasis on Functional Medicine. For the past 15 years Keith has helped patients reconnect with their bodies’ innate intelligence and look beyond their symptoms in order to work collaboratively to discover the root cause of the imbalance. Keith’s personal vision is to personally meet all the functional and integrative medical needs of his patients through cutting edge testing and procedures, such as dry needling, Prolotherapy and PRP injections.

Keith has a deep understanding of the complex interactions between genetics, environment and lifestyle choices. His own chronic pain during his teenage years led him to college to earn a degree and open up his neuromuscular trigger point practice in Bend in 1998. In 2009 he finished PA school at University of New England and began his functional medical program three years ago. He was awarded the “Best Massage Therapist” in 1998 and was a sem-finalist “PA of the Year.” in 2015. Although his degrees have taught him a lot about alternative approaches that help patients heal, he also pulls from his broad background in Eastern philosophy and meditation studies. After committing himself to a yogic path in 1995, he has studied extensively in India and teaches mindfulness and meditation classes and workshops here in Bend, Oregon. Keith’s approach takes into account the whole person including body, mind, spirit and community. His highly individualized approach places the patient in the driver’s seat and his compassion makes it possible to access the root cause and his belief that healing IS possible.

When not in the office, you can find Keith riding bikes or rock climbing with his two boys, or modeling for his wife’s yoga classes.