iv therapySometimes in western medicine, the most powerful and effective medical treatments can deplete our bodies of the nutrients we need to balance the healing process. For example, heart disease and cancer medications can compromise our immune systems while doing the important work they were designed to do. Combining conventional medicine with oral, or in some cases IV nutrient therapy, can dramatically support your body’s ability to heal and fight disease.

IV Therapy

IV Therapy is the delivery of high doses of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and other natural substances directly into the bloodstream. While often used to treat chronic pain, infections and fatigue, IV therapy is also proving to be an effective holistic complement to some conventional heart, cancer and autoimmune medical treatments.

Heart Disease, heavy metals and toxins

Unfortunately in today’s modern society, we are surrounded by toxins or Persistent Organic Pollutants from synthetic chemicals used in pest and disease control, crop production, and industry. Because we absorb, ingest and inhale these pollutants on a daily basis, all of us have some toxic metal deposits in our bodies. Sometimes they build up and can contribute to major health problems, such as heart disease and cancer.

Chelation therapy for heart disease

For some patients with heart disease, IV nutrients can be mixed with Chelators which are compounds commonly used in the treatment of metal (led) poisoning because they safely remove heavy metals and other toxins from the blood stream and body. Medical research has proven that Chelation Therapy can be effective as a naturopathic complement in the treatment of heart disease.

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