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The Center for Integrative Medicine (CIM) and Bend Regenerative Medicine (BRM) are committed to the health and safety of our patients and we are closely monitoring the outbreak of the illness caused by coronavirus (COVID-19). The situation and recommended precautions are rapidly evolving, but as of today we remain open with the following restrictions



The team at Center for Integrative Medicine is focused on treating the whole person for a lifetime of health. Our Bend naturopathic doctors work to identify and treat the cause of disease…not just treat the symptoms. Our regenerative medicine clinic is unique because our providers are trained in both Conventional and Naturopathic Medicine in order to offer our patients a wide array of treatment options: from nutrition and nutraceutical recommendations to traditional pharmaceuticals when they are needed.  This progressive form of healthcare is known as Integrative Medicine and represents the Future of Healthcare.

A Focus on Healing – Dr. Payson Flattery, Medical Director, is a Board Certified Naturopathic and Chiropractic Physician and has advanced medical training in multiple areas, including Conventional, Naturopathic and Regenerative Medicine. He leads a team of primary care physicians and providers who treat patients of all ages to provide the best healthcare available.

At Center for Integrative Medicine, a regenerative medicine clinic, our providers work together to support our patients’ whole health plan, in addition to a specific complaint or isolated condition. Our Bend naturopathic doctors understand our patients’ detailed personal histories and utilize comprehensive testing to form an accurate diagnosis and recommend a customized healing plan.

Research-Backed and rooted in sound science, we are transforming healthcare with integrative medicine philosophies that focus on wellness and healing. It’s why people from all over the country routinely visit Center for Integrative Medicine’s naturopathic doctors for relief from their chronic or acute pain.

Primary Care – If you and your family are looking for a primary care provider that supports the whole person and is dedicated your wellness and prevention of disease, give us a call.