IV therapy helps extend the life of a Central Oregon resident with heart disease

Louise Fowler was 90-years-old when her cardiologist told her to get her things in order because she only had three or four months to live. She was suffering from congestive heart failure and quickly deteriorating. Today, nearly five years later, Fowler has beaten the odds.

“She could barely walk from the car to the building,” said Fowler’s daughter Bea Leach who brought her to the Center for Integrative Medicine to get a second opinion from Dr. Payson Flattery, ND.  “I just thought we should talk to him before giving up.”

After spending time with Fowler and her daughter, Dr. Flattery suggested they try Intravenous (IV) Therapy to replenish some of the body’s nutrients that can be depleted by medications used to treat heart failure.

“Heart failure medications are effective and necessary, but it can be helpful to combine them with oral or in some cases IV nutrient therapy to help support the energy pathways within the heart muscle itself,” said Dr. Flattery.IV therapy involves the delivery of vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances directly into the bloodstream. While often used to treat chronic pain, infections and fatigue, IV therapy is also proving to be an effective naturopathic complement to some of the conventional cancer, heart and autoimmune medical treatments.

“After the IV therapy, I felt a surge of energy that I hadn’t experienced in a long time,” said Fowler who turns 95 in May.

“Her energy level was unbelievable,” added Leach. “My mom was waking up, making her bed and shopping at Goodwill. We just saw this huge change as she started becoming more active.”

Leach said she decided to call Dr. Flattery because he had treated her mother several years prior for severe hip pain that seemed to miraculously disappear after Prolotherapy injection treatments at the Center for Integrative Medicine.

“She trusted him and I knew he would listen and take his time with us,” said Leach.

According to Fowler, whose heart and hip are much improved, a second opinion is smart way to go.

“I would say go to Dr. Flattery because it might be something entirely different than you think it is,” said Fowler.

Louise Fowler

February 18, 2015


Detox program changes the life of a Redmond woman

Nearly three years ago, Redmond resident Jessica Hanna decided she was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Having battled bronchitis three times in one year, she scheduled an annual check up with her primary care physician and after a quick medical office visit she felt “shuffled out the door” with an order for blood work. A few weeks later, she received her lab results in the mail with a smiley face and the handwritten words “looks great!”

“It just didn’t make sense,” said Hanna. “I asked the doctor what I should be doing differently and she told me to keep doing what I was doing. So I decided to get a second opinion.”

It was a co-worker who suggested that Hanna make an appointment at the Center for Integrative Medicine (CIM). She was stunned by the appointment that lasted for nearly an hour and included a full discussion on her health history.

“The doctor was asking so many questions and I felt like she really cared. She explained that she wanted to understand what was causing my illness instead of just treating it with medications and I was completely on board with that,” said Hanna.

After looking at Hanna’s smiley face lab results, her CIM doctor decided to run more comprehensive tests and found some significant thyroid and vitamin deficiencies that were clearly affecting her immune system. That’s when her doctor suggested the Center for Integrative Medicine Detox Program followed by some food allergy testing.

“When I first learned about the Detox program, it sounded so daunting to me, but I thought it’s 30 days. I can do anything for 30 days,” said Hanna. “And after those 30 days I felt amazing. I had so much energy and I was sleeping better and slowly, steadily losing weight.”

Hanna explained that weight loss was not her main goal, but it became a powerful benefit of the CIM Detox program. Following the detox, food testing revealed some sensitivity to wheat, corn and dairy. With some health lifestyle changes, she was not only dropping dress sizes, she was also better able to keep up with her young niece and nephew on walks, hikes and trips to the swimming pool.

“I started to realized that nothing was going to taste as good as how I felt,” explained Hanna. “I’ve lost 100 pounds over the past three years. It’s been a slow and steady process but more importantly, I’ve changed my lifestyle and I feel great.”

Jessica Hanna

February 17, 2015


Bend resident finds relief after eight years of chronic elbow pain

For eight years, Bend resident Lee Ladyga suffered with severe elbow pain – in both arms. During that time, spoke with numerous doctors and was diagnosed incorrectly for nerve issues. He underwent two elbow surgeries, endured two years of physical therapy and spent thousands of dollars on medical care with no relief from his chronic pain.

Two years ago, Ladyga learned about the Center for Integrative Medicine and became a patient of Dr. Payson Flattery who recommended Platlet Rich Plasma  (PRP) injections to repair Ladyga’s damaged soft tissue resulting from severe lateral epicondylitis, more commonly known as tennis elbow.

“After only two injections, I am pain free and can go back to my active lifestyle,” said 45-year-old Ladyga, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist who makes his living on his computer and was having trouble typing through his pain. Now he’s back in full swing at work and at play.

“Payson and the staff at CIM are extremely friendly and genuinely care about getting patients healthy. They explore everything and take a whole body approach. I didn’t even know this type of medicine existed until my first appointment with Payson,” said Ladyga. “I would recommend that anyone suffering from chronic pain visit the Center for Integrative Medicine for an initial consult before exploring other options.”

Lee Ladyga

February 16, 2015


“Today, I left Center for Integrated Medicine feeling much better both physically and energetically. Dr. Ekblad is not only a chiropractor–he is also a wealth of information when it comes to nutrition, fitness, anatomy, and sound research. He truly cares about your overall health, and that is hard to find. Thanks, Dr. Ekblad!! ”  KR, Bend.

“I came in to see Dr. Raymond suffering from night sweats/hot flashes, emotional ups and downs, irregular menses, headaches, insomnia, exhaustion, high cholesterol, overweight, unable to focus/concentrate, etc. After doing the Ultra Clear 28 day cleanse, I no longer have night sweats, I can sleep through the night, no more headaches, cravings gone, my energy is great, I lost weight, I’m able to focus at work and not make mistakes, I’m motivated and my mood is good. My husband did the cleanse with me and he also reported that he no longer has headaches; he also lost weight, and was able to discontinue his blood pressure medications. We never thought we could feel so good.” MS & JS, Redmond

“As a person going through the Detox, I found the program to be life changing. When I first saw Dr. Raymond I felt miserable. My hormones were so off, plus I just didn’t feel well. No energy, grumpy, tired, need I say more! I’m on my 3rd week now and I feel so much better. In addition I’m losing weight. At no time did I feel hungry. I would recommend Dr. Raymond and the Detox program for anyone.” D.K., Redmond.