Center for Integrative Medicine Practitioners

Center for Integrative Medicine is the largest Integrative Medicine practice in the region, providing highly trained and experienced practitioners who are committed to the health and healing of our patients. Our team of doctors and providers offer a progressive and integrated approach to primary medical care, including complementary treatments that support wellness and prevention of disease. CIM also offers specialized and advanced treatments for chronic or acute pain and treating chronic illness.

Please contact any of our providers to schedule a consultation and thorough examination. We are currently accepting new primary care patients and continue to offer an alternative or complementary care for referrals or patients who contact us directly.

primary care physician

Dr. Payson Flattery
Naturopathic Physician

Cooper Image

Dr. Jocelyn Cooper
Naturopathic Physician

Dave Otto, DC
Katelyn McWhirter LMT
Licensed Massage
Therapist, Phlebotomist
Joanna Killam
Colon Hydrotherapist