The Center for Integrative Medicine is credentialed as in-network providers with most insurance companies.  It is up to you to confirm your benefits before coming in for your visit.

If you cannot find the name of your provider (Dr. Flattery, Dr. Cooper, Dr. Coulter, etc) on your insurance’s website, try searching under THE CENTER FOR INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.  All of the doctors at our clinic share a tax ID under this name and this is often how your insurance company will list us as in-network. 

The only Medicare provider at our clinic is Dr Mary Ellen Coulter.  She is NOT in network with Medicare advantage.

We do not accept OHP at this time.

Please know your lab benefits:  Most insurance companies are not covering labs and thus they will go to your deductible if billed through your insurance carrier. 

If you have a high deductible that you will not meet this year, it makes more sense for you to pay for cash labs in the office at the time of service.  If you pay cash, however, you cannot then submit the bill to your insurance.  If labs get billed to your insurance and you get a bill, we cannot then go back and give you the cash rate.

The bottom line is this: Know your benefits.  Our front office staff is very knowledgeable about insurance and billing so please do not hesitate to call and ask for help navigating this arena before your visit.  It is confusing!