Recover From an Injury and Eliminate Pain

Don’t let your injury keep you from living the life you love. Call our Bend integrative medicine clinic as soon as you have that unexpected worker’s comp accident, sports injury, or you experience an acute pain or pull in your back, neck or joint. We’re here to give you an accurate assessment, a comprehensive diagnosis and recommend pain-relieving and curative treatments.

Conventional Medicine and Complementary Treatments

Our approach to your injury is somewhat different than a traditional medical clinic. Our Bend integrated medicine physicians take a holistic view of your injury, looking for the specific cause of your pain, and we work on a whole body treatment plan. We provide a host of therapy options that offer a non-invasive approach to healing.  Our goal is to get you back to your regular life as soon as possible and reduce the change of recurrence.

Sports Injury – We specialize in sports injuries and work with many athletes to ensure their treatment is supporting over their long term goals and ongoing training plan. It’s not enough to patch up an athlete and send them back into the game. We want to reduce the risk of recurrence and shore up their resistance to future injury.

Accidents – They call them accidents because an injury is typically unplanned and unexpected, not to mention, unwanted. Some accidents result in immediate injury and others take days or weeks to present the problem. We want to see you as soon as your accident occurred to ensure your safety and prevent further injury to traumatized joints, tendons or muscles.

Worker’s Compensation – The Center for Integrative Medicine in Bend accepts worker’s comp cases from injury on the job. We are recognized as a leading provider that takes quality care of injured employees, offering treatments that get patients back to work as soon as possible.

Regenerative Medicine – Dr. Payson Flattery is well known throughout the region as the expert in regenerative medicine and offers a non-surgical solution to acute or chronic pain from orthopedic injury and disease. Dr. Flattery regularly treats patients with high density platelet rich plasma and adult stem cell injections to relieve their pain. These treatments are known as prolotherapy. Learn more about Regenerative Medicine and how it may be the right approach for you.

Patients, including high performing athletes, are getting good results from Dr. Flattery’s non-surgical approach to treating ongoing joint or tendon pain. For more information about integrated medicine in Bend, call today and schedule a consultation.