Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

There is a difference between bio-identical hormones and natural hormones. Hormones can be from a natural source but not identical to the human form—for example, Premarin (an estrogen) is made from pregnant mare’s urine, a natural source, but it is not the same as a human form (Estrone, Estradiol, Estriol).

Bio-identical hormones are identical to the human form. Synthetic hormones made by pharmaceutical companies have side chains added to allow the companies to patent the hormones. These side chains cause side effects and do not react the same in the body as do natural human hormones.

Hormones are made by the body in various organs and glands, including pituitary, thyroid, adrenals and ovaries/testes, as well as exogenously (from the environment). Our goal at the Center for Integrated Medicine is to identify imbalances and work toward helping you achieve hormone balance throughout the day, throughout the month, and throughout your life.

Hormone balance may be achieved by various means: use of homeopathy, herbs, nutrients, or natural bio-identical hormone therapy that is compounded to your specific needs. If you have been experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance, synthetic hormones are not your only option. Call the Center for Integrative Medicine today.