Integrative Medicine And Primary Care

Our doctors at Center for Integrative Medicine are Specialty Care Physicians with advanced training in treating specific conditions like chronic pain and illness. But, they also see patients as a Primary Care Physician, focusing on wellness and disease prevention.

This means we can treat health conditions such as chronic or acute pain, fibromyalgia or irritable bowel disease AND perform preventative services such as annual exams and routine blood work for adults and well-child exams for children. We also perform OB/GYN wellness and preventive testing for women such as breast exams and PAP smears.

Our medical doctors are Board Certified Naturopathic Physicians with extensive training that integrates conventional medicine with a deeper understanding of specialized therapeutic treatments, proven to treat specific illness or pain. They are well schooled in physical medicine, botanical medicine, and nutrient/nutrition-based therapies as well pharmaceutical medicine.

The Best of Both – There are great benefits to choosing a primary care physician who takes an integrative and holistic approach to medical care. Our physicians go well beyond the typical medical practice of treating symptoms. Our doctors use the most up-to-date information in all areas of physiological medicine to diagnose and attack the root causes of pain or disease, fixing the problem where it starts.

As Primary Care Physicians, Dr. Payson FlatteryDr. Jocelyn Cooper or Dr. Mary Ellen Coulter thoroughly review a patient’s detailed personal history and provide comprehensive testing in order to recommend a personalized wellness plan. They offer specialized disease prevention therapies, conventional and complimentary treatments for pain or illness and provide health and wellness coaching.  Dr. David Otto also offers general physical care and Department of Transportation Physical Exams.

Our entire team offers proven traditional as well as progressive, complimentary therapies to provide primary wellness care or medical treatments for chronic pain or serious health conditions.

The Center for Integrative Medicine Offers: