Neck Pain

chiropractor redmond oregonNeck pain is estimated to affect ten percent of the population at any given time, and forty-five percent of the work force. The neck has more mobility than other parts of the spine, which leads to an increased rate of injury. It also has the dubious task of supporting one’s head, which weighs an average of twelve pounds. Neck injury is common even in sedentary desk jobs with improper posture and head position with gadget use. Car collisions that stop the body in motion almost always result in some trauma to the neck.
Necks injuries pose more challenges than most other injuries and often require more than just rest and pain medication. There are seven vertebrae, sixteen facet joints, eight discs, sixteen nerve roots, your spinal cord, and countless muscles, tendons, and ligaments than can be associated with a neck injury. More often than not, there are multiple areas of injury with a neck trauma. To make it more complicated, the nerves coming out of the neck are the primary nerves that innervate the arms. With the most severe neck injuries, function to the all the areas below the neck can be damaged, including full paralysis.

Because of the complex involvement of all the tissues in the neck, symptoms can be as obvious as stiffness, pain, and swelling in the neck, or the not so obvious, such as numbness or pain in the arms, headaches, eye pain, and dizziness. People often visit their doctor with a complaint of shoulder pain only to find out they have a pinched nerve in their neck.

Physical therapy can play a valuable role in the rehabilitation of neck injuries. Therapy can help to reduce muscle spasms and pain, restore full neck or shoulder range of motion and strength, reduce nerve pinching, eliminate headaches, or resolve dizziness. Choosing the right therapy clinic can also be valuable.

Many physical therapy clinics avoid back and neck injuries because the rate of positive outcomes is less than for most standard orthopedic injuries, such as knees, hips and shoulders. At Center for Integrative Medicine, we specialize in neck and back injuries and welcome patients who have need real help for their debilitating pain. Call today and take the first step towards regaining the pain-free life you deserve.