The Future of Healthcare is Here

Center for Integrated Medicine with locations in Bend and Redmond, Oregon, offers a team of interdisciplinary physicians and therapeutic care practitioners who work closely together to provide patients with the best healthcare available anywhere. This progressive form of medical care is known as Integrative Medicine and represents the future of healthcare.

By integrating Conventional, Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine with Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy, the strengths of each discipline are utilized to develop a better understanding of an individual’s state of health. This allows us to deliver the most effective and personalized treatment for each patient.

Meet our Doctors and Practitioners

We Focus on Healing – The physicians at CIM work to provide symptomatic relief while diagnosing and treating the underlying root cause of your illness. Special emphasis is placed on discovering the interaction of whole body systems and implementing a holistic or comprehensive approach to your health. For example, chronic illness is best treated by Naturopathic or Chinese Medicine, while a serious infection may be treated with a conventional antibiotic.

In a typical medical practice, a patient is seen during a short visit, followed by a prescription for pharmaceuticals to address the symptoms of an illness. Here at CIM, our medical doctors and complimentary care physicians spend time thoroughly exploring our patient’s detailed health history, the root causes of pain and illness and determine an accurate diagnosis.

Our goal is to provide primary medical care and complimentary treatments that offer solutions for wellness, specialized therapies for specific conditions, and a healing plan for our patients that lasts a lifetime.

The Center for Integrative Medicine Offers:

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