Nutrition & Wellness Classes

** NEW at the Center for Integrative Medicine**


Instructor: Dianne Porter, Integrative Nutritionist


Reducing Stress

Friday, August 3

12:15 – 1 pm

High stress has become pervasive in our culture and it has far-reaching consequences physically and personally. In addition to ruining a good night’s sleep, it can have significant negative impacts on your health.

In this 45-minute class we’ll explore:

  • Physiologic impacts of stress on your body
  • Evaluating stressors in your life and adapting your reactions to them
  • 12 activities to reduce stress


Help for Heartburn

Wednesday, August 15

5:30 – 6:15 pm

Statistic show 30% of American adults suffer from weekly indigestion or “heartburn.” If this condition becomes frequent, it can be quite painful and disruptive.

In this 45-minute class you’ll learn the:

  • Underlying conditions that increase the risk of heartburn
  • Effects of frequent, uncontrolled heartburn
  • Risks of long-term acid suppression meds
  • Nutritional and lifestyle triggers –how to identify and avoid them!


Advanced registration and payment are required ($10)

Class size is limited to 10.

Call 541-323-3358 to reserve your spot.