Sports Injuries

Central Oregon is one of the most active places to live in the country.  And if you spend time running, biking, hiking, climbing, kayaking, skiing or boarding, you may have experienced a sports injury.

Sports injuries are common, but when they happen to you, they interrupt your training, impact your wellbeing, and often cause extreme discomfort. Fortunately, the Center for Integrated Medicine is skilled and experienced at treating sports injuries.

We have our own diagnostic ultrasound capabilities right in our clinic to accurately assess musculoskeletal injuries. This means you don’t have to schedule multiple appointments all over the region to get diagnosed and treated. It’s all here—under one roof.

Once we know the extent of your sports injury, our physicians will apply the most effective treatments to get you back on your feet and back in the game as quickly as possible. Your treatment plan may include chiropractic, physical therapy, prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma, acupuncture, instrument assisted soft tissue release, active release technique, or any of the many other therapeutic options available from the practitioners at the Center for Integrated Medicine.

You can expect complete healing, greatly reducing your chances of re-injury.

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