Effective Non-Surgical Approach to Hemorrhoid Disease

A technique known as the Keesey treatment is now available in Central Oregon. Keesey treatment effectively treats ALL grades of HD (hemorrhoidal disease). Keesey creates a chemical reaction at the problem area that quickly, painlessly and permanently eliminates the hemorrhoid.

Unlike surgery, Keesey is a non-invasive and painless procedure performed in the office without anesthesia, fasting or any other preparation. It only takes about five to seven minutes and allows you to leave immediately after, resume your normal activities and get back into the full active lifestyle you deserve.

Many of us will have an experience with HD or know someone that does. In fact, 75% of people in the United States will experience symptoms of HD at some point in their lives. Don’t wait until surgery is your only option. Ask your doctor about Keesey and do something about it. There is no reason you have to live with the pain or endure a painful and expensive surgery to eliminate the problem.