Dry Needling

Knotted, seized-up muscles can have many causes: Injury, overuse, poor posture, arthritis and more. But regardless of the cause of the pain, dry needling can relax the muscle fibers, reduce inflammation and, as a result, restore normal function.


Dr. Flattery of the Center for Integrative Medicine are trained and extensively experienced in dry needling. During a dry needling session, the doctor will use sterile, disposable, thin needles, similar to acupuncture needles, to target the affected soft tissue. When the hair-like needles are inserted into specific trigger points, the muscle fibers release and resume their normal length, blood flow to the area is increased, and the barriers to healing are effectively removed as the patient experiences a dramatic reduction in pain.


Although dry needling might seem to resemble acupuncture, it is not based in Chinese medicine as acupuncture is. Instead, dry needling focuses on stimulating trigger points solely to relieve pain; those trigger points are based on a Western understanding of anatomy and physiology. While acupuncture is highly effective for many conditions, including pain relief, dry needling is a very specific way to relieve pain associated with and caused by hyperactive trigger points.