Erchonia Footbath

The Erchonia footbath is a detoxification option for those who want to feel better but are short on time. This advanced ion therapy system ionizes the water in the footbath and sends a small, charged current through the body. The resulting positively charged ions help to improve energy and restore balance throughout the body.


The average Erchonia footbath session lasts around 20 minutes, yet it can significantly impact health and wellbeing. In a 2003 random trial, physicians’ muscle strength was evaluated through a computerized range of motion system before and after a 23-minute Erchonia foot bath treatment. After the Erchonia session, the physicians’ shoulder abductor, shoulder flexor and hip flexor strength improved as much as 78%.


So how can soaking one’s feet in ionized water improve muscle strength? When the body generates positively charged ions during an Erchonia footbath therapy session, those positive ions neutralize negatively charged toxins within the body. This allows the body to excrete the toxins through the pores of the feet.


Erchonia footbath therapy has been found to effectively relieve pain and joint stiffness, boost the immune system and speed recovery time following injury or surgery. If you think the Erchonia footbath might help you, call the Center for Integrative Medicine today to schedule an appointment with our naturopathic physician, Dr. Jocelyn Cooper. We will explore all the options available to get you feeling better.