Integrative Care and Complementary Treatments

Center for Integrative Medicine offers a dedicated group of highly experienced practitioners, trained in conventional medicine, complementary and alternative healthcare. Some people still become confused about the terms associated with “conventional”, “complementary” or “alternative”. While those terms do mean different things, the boundaries are becoming less differentiated all the time.

According to the National Institute of Health, almost 40% of Americans choose approaches for their healthcare that were developed outside the tradition of Western Medicine. What was considered “alternative” care just a few years ago is now being recognized as mainstream, and even essential, in most major clinical settings. Doctors today recognize the benefits of supportive therapies for pain management such as physical therapy, deep tissue massage and weight or wellness programs. Dietary changes may be required for people who have gastrointestinal disorders. Yoga is recommended for some orthopedic conditions. Heart disease requires a host of practices outside of prescription drugs and surgery. Cancer centers treat patients with acupuncture and meditation for symptoms related to chemotherapy. These ideas were barely understood just a generation ago.

Medical Training – Center for Integrative Medicine is led by doctors with advanced medical training who also understand the need for taking a holistic view of a patient’s health. Our approach considers the whole person when rooting out the cause of pain or disease. We utilize the latest in medical knowledge, complemented by treatments and methods that support whole body wellness, in order to help our patients heal.

The National Center for Complementary or Alternative Medicine defines the different approaches that complement conventional medicine in two categories: Mind and Body Practices and Nutritional Supplements. CIM utilizes both concepts depending on the medical condition and needs of an individual patient.

Complementary Treatments

We provide a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient that includes conventional and complementary methods, if required. We also work with other physicians to support their treatments with healing therapies that accomplish the overall medical goal of wellness.

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