We Treat a Wide Range of Health Conditions

At Center for Integrative Medicine we treat patients of all ages and a range of health conditions. Whether you have an ongoing illness, a difficult-to-diagnose and painful condition, an acute injury or chronic pain, we can provide medical care and long term relief. We work with patients who have allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, any type of pain including joint pain, carpal tunnel, ear infections, low immune system with frequent illness, pulmonary conditions, heart disease, thyroid, hormonal imbalances and more.

You name it, we’ve seen it. We are healers in the traditional sense and we take our responsibility seriously. In short, our goal is to help you get better for life.

Primary Care – Our primary care doctors develop a long term relationship with each person in the family that includes a complete understanding of detailed medical history, lifestyles, family make-up and overall wellness goals. The physicians at CIM conduct thorough examinations plus traditional and functional laboratory testing in order to gather a comprehensive understanding of your unique healthcare needs. We take your wellness goals seriously and work to help you achieve them.

Specific Conditions – When faced with acute or chronic pain, an unexpected injury or physical disease that feels debilitating, you may feel as if you’ve got nowhere to turn. At CIM, we take a holistic view of your illness. We don’t just focus on the one body part that needs fixing. We try to understand the root cause of your pain, the entire impact of your injury, or the cause of your disease and recommend whole person treatments that result in complete wellness.

Pharmaceuticals – Our first approach is to help you heal using proven therapies without invasive intervention or chemical treatments. However, sometimes an illness requires a more aggressive approach to start the healing process, including pharmaceuticals. Our doctors recommend customized and appropriate treatments for your unique circumstances, instead of a one-pill-fits-all mentality. And our team is highly educated in pharmaceutical intervention and able to prescribe appropriate medications, as required.

Make an Appointment – Give us a call and we’ll get you in for an examination and consultation. We’re accepting new primary care patients as well as appointments for specific conditions.

Some of the Many Conditions We Treat

Women’s Health
Heart Disease
Auto Immune Disease
Mental Health
Weight Loss
Pediatric Health
Digestive Disorders