Dianne Porter, MS

Dianne Porter, Integrative Nutritionist

Dianne earned a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Her philosophy is that nutrition isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. The body, mind, and spirit are all actively involved and overlap in the pursuit of wellness. Diet, exercise, stress reduction, beliefs and spiritual renewal are all integral to finding the wellness formula that’s right for each individual at a given point in her/her life. Dianne’s holistic approach seeks to integrate dietary, environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors in an effort to improve general health and wellness.

Prior to relocating to Central Oregon, Dianne spent nearly 20 years in Alaska working in public relations and marketing. She is a passionate cook and enjoys the abundance of fresh, clean food available in Central Oregon. She and her husband enjoy the outdoors with their two dogs.

Nutritional counseling has many benefits including:

  • Helping identify patterns that undermine your goals
  • Developing an eating plan that addresses your specific health conditions
  • Helping rebalance hormones
  • Putting an end to weight loss struggles
  • Developing a plan for aging healthfully


Intake (1 hour)…$95

Follow-up (1 hour)…$80

Follow-up (½ hour)…$40

*Insurance does not cover nutrition counseling at this time. We will accept cash, check and credit cards.