28-day Detox Program

The Center for Integrative Medicine offers a physician-supported 28-day detox two times per year, in the fall and spring.  The goal of these weight management classes is to allow you to lose weight naturally and make permanent lifestyle changes in a supportive group of people who are dedicated to the same goals. The price for the 28-day detox is $220 per person.  This  includes:


  • 28-day supply of Metagenics UltraClear® nutritional supplement
  • Weekly classes with a naturopathic physician that focus on detoxification in all aspects of life
  • Weekly weigh-in and measurements
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Online access to recipes and resources
  • Discounts on additional detox services including colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna and ionizing foot baths


To reserve your spot in the next class, call the clinic at 541-504-0250. You can check our events calendar to see when the next 28-day detox class is offered. The program is also offered on an individual basis at any time with doctor supervision.