Physical Therapy

physical therapy bend oregon, physical therapy redmond orIf you’ve ever had an injury that disrupted your normal activities, chances are you’ve been told physical therapy could help. Physical therapy has a wide range of applications. Here at the Center for Integrated Medicine, our physical therapy staff helps people who have experienced reduced or disrupted mobility and activity levels due to musculoskeletal injury, burns, osteoarthritis, strokes, cerebral palsy, repetitive use injuries, sports injury and many other conditions.

The Center for Integrative Medicine has a bright, spacious physical therapy room stocked with advanced therapeutic devices and equipment. Whether you come to the Center with a diagnosis or we diagnose you here, you can expect caring, compassionate care and a therapeutic plan designed to help you fully recover.



Meet our physical therapist:

Mitch Rost, MSPT

DSCN0139Mitch is a native Oregonian born and raised in La Grande. He received his Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana, and practiced in Washington for 2 years and Montana for 10 years before moving back to Oregon last fall. He has extensive experience treating back and neck injuries, but also enjoys sports rehab and chronic pain management. Mitch’s treatment philosophy centers on the restoration of appropriate muscle length/tension relationships using therapeutic exercise, stretching, and manual therapy techniques. He focuses on injury prevention through instruction in proper body mechanics, and strongly believes that educating his patient’s about their given condition creates the most successful outcomes. Mitch is very passionate about physical therapy and the privilege of helping his patients to restore their optimal level of function.

Mitch lives with his wife of 12 years and their two beautiful daughters ages 9 and 6. He enjoys skiing, golfing, chasing his kids, inventing, and working on his Model A street rod.