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Integrative Medicine and Complementary Care

The team at Center for Integrative Medicine operates on the belief that the body has the ability to heal itself if given the right tools and attention. While our physicians will prescribe conventional pharmaceuticals if required, this is not our first choice when treating illness. We first work to understand the root cause of your disease in order to remove the obstacles that prevent you from healing.

Dr. Flattery, Dr. Cooper and Dr. Coulter offer a progressive approach, integrating knowledge of Conventional, Naturopathic, Orthopedic and Chiropractic Medicine, as well as Homeopathy and Physical Therapy, thereby evaluating your pain and illness from a structural and physiologic perspective. By employing naturopathic medicine, the metabolic roadblocks to pain and illness can be addressed. With this knowledge, difficult cases can be more comprehensively treated and more effectively resolved.

Our Approach is Different – For example, you might go to your traditional Medical Doctor for infection and they will likely prescribe an antibiotic. This is a high force intervention that may have significant risks and potentially little benefit. Our medical doctors first start by addressing any environmental and lifestyle factors that are getting in the way of the body’s natural immune function. This might mean removing allergens, taking out foods that promote mucus production and eliminating alcohol and smoking. Next, we might add targeted nutrition or nutrient therapy to support the immune system. We might also use evidence-based botanical medicine to speed recovery. Ultimately, we have the ability to write prescriptions for things like antibiotics, but only use them when necessary.

We subscribe to the philosophy of “Treat the Whole Person” and “Doctor as Teacher”. We focus on the body’s innate healing power and intelligence, empowering you to generate wellness in your body not just today, but for the rest of your life.

Pharmaceuticals – There are occasions when more conservative measures are either not effective for a specific condition or an individual requires a more aggressive approach to support their specific need for healing. Our medical doctors at Center for Integrative Medicine are educated in pharmaceutical intervention and able to subscribe appropriate prescriptions as required.

Complementary Medicine – Our entire team offers proven traditional as well as progressive, complementary therapies to provide overall wellness care or specific treatments for chronic pain or serious health conditions.

The Center for Integrative Medicine Offers: